Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

We supply ear plugs for: 

  • Swimming
  • Noise protection
  • Musicians
  • Sleep

The process:

  • Phone or email our rooms to make an appointment (a referral is NOT required)
  • At your appointment, impressions will be taken for your custom moulded plugs
  • Your new plugs will be ready for pick up or postage within 2-3 weeks

The benefits:

Available for people aged 5 years and over
Designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear
Washable and easy to clean

Types of ear plugs

Swimming plugs

Swimming plugs are suitable for swimming, surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, or people who have grommets.

The plugs are designed to keep your ear dry whilst still allowing you to spend time enjoying the water!

Available in a range of fun colours:

Price: From $150

Sleep plugs

Sleep plugs are designed to be worn comfortably to give you the best night sleep. The soft silicone plugs are designed for those who are light sleepers, or who are distracted by traffic noise, snoring partners etc.

Your choice of colours:


Price: From $150

Noise plugs

Noise plugs are designed to protect the ears from noise exposure that could cause permanent damage and hearing loss. They are suitable for those that work in heavy industry, construction, and concert goers.

They also assist in reducing environmental noise.

Available in a range of fun colours:

Price: From $150

Musician plugs

Musician plugs are designed to reduce the overall sound dosage without compromising the music quality. They are suitable for musicians, DJ’s, band members, sound crews, and concert goers.

Your choice of colours:


Price: From $250