Hearing Tests for Babies, Children, and Adults

  • Hearing assessments for children from 7 months using Visually Reinforced Orientation Audiometry (VROA)
  • Hearing tests for children from 3 years old with play audiometry
  • Adult hearing tests
  • Pre employment, aviation and dive assessments
  • Custom moulded ear plugs for noise, swimming and sleeping
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Our Audiologist

Sally Moylan is a clinical audiologist who specializes in testing babies and children. She has the skills to determine the type of auditory condition a child may exhibit and can recommend the appropriate referral pathway for individual management and treatment.

Referral Information

Newcastle Hearing Centre is under the directorship of Dr Niall Jefferson, an Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon.

Although a referral is not required, patients with a valid referral will be able to claim a portion of the cost hearing test from Medicare.

Sally Moylan and Dr. Niall Jefferson combine their experience to offer complete hearing tests for babies, children and adults in the greater Newcastle, NSW area.